Welcome to XML Amsterdam 2013

XML Amsterdam is a conference for XML Developers worldwide, looking for the latest and best on developing based on XML and related standards. The conference will be hosting sessions by renowned speakers in the international XML developing community. Follow us at this website, at Twitter (#xmlamsterdam), or at LinkedIn to hear the latest news on this years conference.

Opening keynote

We are pleased to announce that our opening keynote speaker this year will be Norm Walsh from MarkLogic. Norm has chaired numerous W3C and OASIS committees throughout his career. He’s also an author and noted speaker. Basically, he’s an XML Rockstar. Just watch this…

New location

This year, XML Amsterdam will be held at a unique and fitting venue. De Bazel houses the archives for the city of Amsterdam, and since archiving is one of our topics this year, we thought it would be interesting to see the progression of archiving from the middle ages to now. A tour is included with the conference.


The conference date has been set to:
October 23, 2013


This years conference theme is:
15-year anniversary of XML
Topics include:
  • Archiving
  • Big Data/XML
  • Searching
  • XML Databases
  • XML Processing
  • (Open) Linked Data
  • Semantic Web
  • XML metadata
  • XML Validation
  • History of XML
  • Future of XML
  • Or anything else (somehow) related to XML..

Program Committee

We are proud to welcome the key members of the Program Committee of XML Amsterdam 2013:


Any questions about the conference in general, or interest in sponsoring us can be directed to: