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MarkLogic DemoJam

Compete to win a mini iPad

Join us on the 23rd October at the Tobacco Theatre, Amsterdam for the 2013 MarkLogic DemoJam. Any attendee of XML Amsterdam 2013 can join in.

You must be in it to win it!

Demos must be of a technical nature and on any topic likely to be of interest to the attendees at XML Amsterdam.

The rules are simple:

1. Five minutes only to show what you’ve got! (You will be timed)
2. Running order will be via The Patented Randomised Xquery Choosalator™ selected live on the day
3. Judging is via an audience sound meter and adjudicated

Shouting and general heckling of the presenters is encouraged, so be prepared! Great Demo's mean loud cheers! Loud cheers mean prizes!

Want to compete? Contact Paul Preuveneers or Emil Zegers NOW! Numbers are limited - first-come, first-serve!

All attendees of XML Amsterdam 2013 are very much welcomed to come and watch, while having free drinks and food, and contribute to the voting with some noise!